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How to use special characters and emojis with a CSV file

CSV File

When you upload a CSV file to Publer, especially if it is an Excel file, certain characters might not be uploaded properly. This would include any special characters and/or emojis.

In such cases, we recommend that you use Google Sheets instead of Excel, to avoid any issues. Google Sheets will always work better with special characters and/or emojis, while Excel tends to have issues.

Once you have created your Google Sheet, you can download it and save it as a CSV file, and then upload it to Publer.

Downloading a Google Sheet:

To quickly download and save a Google spreadsheet as a CSV:

Open your Sheets file.
Click the File tab at the top left corner of the page.
Then, click on Download.
Finally, select the comma-separated values (CSV) option.

Once you have downloaded the CSV file, you can upload it to Publer and proceed with scheduling the posts.

Learn more about the CSV file format that you should use by following the guide here.

Updated on: 20/12/2023

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