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How to add a trending sound to TikTok videos

Can I add a sound to TikTok videos?

Unfortunately, due to API limitations from TikTok, it's NOT possible to select a sound when posting directly through a 3rd party app, like Publer.

In such cases, we recommend that you add a sound to the video before hand. After you have added the sound, you can upload the video to Publer, make any last minute changes, and then publish it directly through Publer.

However, if you want to add a TikTok sound, then you will have to rely on the semi-automated and push-notifications solution mentioned below.


As a workaround, you can choose to get a reminder/push-notification on your phone on the scheduled time.

To add a sound to your TikTok video:

Go to Publer, select your TikTok account, and upload your video.
Choose Get a reminder option and schedule the video.
You will get a notification once the video is ready, and then you can proceed with adding a sound.
Make the last changes, and post your TikTok video.

For a more detailed guide, please follow the steps outlined on this article here. This semi-automated solution would let you finish posting the video using TikTok's editor, where you can add various elements to the video, including a sound.

Note: If you want to post TikTok videos directly, you cannot add a sound due to API limitations.

Updated on: 04/12/2023

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