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(Mobile App) How to remove a member from my Publer Workspace

To remove a member from your Workspace in the mobile app, follow these steps:

Click the workspace icon on the top-right corner.

Select the workspace on the left side, and click on Members.

Click on the three dots next to the member and then click on Remove member

On the confirmation pop-up, click on Remove

Keep in mind that, when you remove a member:

If the member is a part of other Workspaces too, then you have to go to each individual Workspace and remove them from there as well.
The posts and media this member has created will be transferred to the owner of the workspace so that they don't get lost/deleted.
The analytics for the posts be saved and transferred accordingly as well.
The posts that are still pending approval will be saved as Drafts automatically.

Learn more about managing/deleting your team members here.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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