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(Mobile App) How to boost (retweet/reshare) posts for Mastodon

Boosting/Resharing others' Mastodon posts in the mobile app

To boost others' posts using Publer's mobile app, simply follow these steps:

Find the post you want to boost.
Copy the URL of the post.
Paste the URL in the composer. This will create a boost of the chosen post​.

Mastodon Boosted Posts

Publer will automatically remove the URL and load the Boosted posts' thumbnail.
Finally, schedule the boost accordingly.

Keep in mind, you should not add any text in the caption or the spoiler field, as that will convert it into a normal link post.

Boosting/Resharing your own posts using AutoShare in the mobile app

If you want to boost your own posts, you can use Publer's AutoShare feature.

Here's how you can do that:

Create your post.
Choose the Mastodon account on the left for which you want to create a post.
On the bottom left corner, click the plus + icon.

Click on the Auto Share option.

Specify on which Mastodon accounts you want the post to be boosted.

You can also add other social accounts of other platforms besides Mastodon, and it will share a link of the post you are creating.

If you wish to add a delay between the post and the retweet, you can activate the Share after a delay option where you can choose between minutes, hours, days or weeks

Click Save and schedule the post accordingly.

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Updated on: 09/11/2023

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