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How to set a default signature

Default signatures

You can create a default signature or you can edit an existing one and make it a default at anytime in the future. To do that:

Go to Social Accounts .
Select the desired social account.
Go to Signatures.

When creating a new signature:

Here is where you will be able to create and design your signature, by specifying the following elements. First, click on Create Signature at the top right corner and then:

Add a Name for the signature.
Write the content of the Signature.
Choose whether you want the Signature to be a Default one or not.
Choose whether you want to Apply it to captions in multi-photo posts (only for Facebook).

Creating a Default Signatures

Finally, click on Create and your default signature will be created.

When editing an existing signature:

Here is where you will be able to edit your signatures. After you have located the specific social account and the signature:

Click anywhere on the Signature to open it.

Editing a Signature

Then, edit the elements of the signature.
You can change the name, the content, or make it a Default signature.

Editing a Default Signature

Finally, click on Update and your signature will be saved.

This default signature will now be automatically added to all your future posts, for this specific social account. To learn more about how you can use signatures, follow the steps on this article.

Updated on: 06/01/2024

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