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How to search for media on Media Library

Searching, filtering, and finding media on Media Library is quite easy, especially when you have organized everything with labels.

To search for media:

Go to Media Library.
Start searching on the Search Media field by:

Name -- The name that has been given to the media file.
Comment -- Notes that have been left in the comment section of the media file.

Tip: Use short names and long comments. To apply them, open a specific media file and add a name or comment, which will help you find this media easily when searching for it. Take a look at how you can apply the name or comment of a media file here.

Moreover, you can Filter media by:

Type -- All Media, Photo, Gif, Video;
Usage -- Used, Unused;
Labels -- Assigned to a media file.

Learn more about how to organize media with labels here.

Updated on: 07/09/2023

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