It’s amazing how you can be in control of every detail of the posts you share on social media. Through Publer, you will be able to edit all link previews on:

Facebook Pages that you have verified the domain ownership of.

To edit link previews for Linkedin:

Go to Create.
Select LinkedIn on the left.
Create a post and add a link to it.
Edit the link text:

To edit link previews for Facebook:

Domain Verification:

1. Using Open Graph Tags

The easiest way is implementing the fb:pages tag on your website. All you need to do is add the following meta property to each page of your website:

<meta property="fb:pages" content="427932330594458">

The content is simply a comma separated list of IDs of the Facebook Pages you want to be able to edit your website links:

(in our case content="427932330594458").

To find the ID of your Facebook Page(s), you can use this tool, or simply contact us.
The only downside with this method is that old links may need be scraped again before you can make any changes to the link previews.

2. Using Business Manager

If you have a Facebook Business Manager account, we suggest you use this method. If you don't, you can easily create one. Even though this method a little complex, it will be better in the long run (no need to re-scrape old links and no need to edit your website's meta tags for example).

In Business Manager, click on the Business Settings button.
Under People and Assets, select Pages from the left side navigation list. Make sure that the Pages you want to edit your links for are added to your Business Manager account. To do so simply click Add New Pages.
Under People and Assets, select Domains from the left side navigation list and click on the Add New Domains button.
Enter your domain in the Add a domain pop-up dialog.
Verify that you own the Domain. You can either do a DNS verification or verify your Domain by uploading an HTML file to your web directory.
Assign Pages to the Domain you just verified by clicking the Assign Pages button.

Learn more about how to verify the domain ownership here.
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