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How to edit link previews

It’s amazing how you can be in control of every detail of the posts you share on social media. Through Publer, you will be able to edit link previews for LinkedIn and Facebook.

This will allow you to edit the link title, description, and image (thumbnail). You can use a custom thumbnail or one of the automatically generated thumbnails of the link.

To edit link previews for LinkedIn:

Go to the Create tab on Publer.
Select LinkedIn or Facebook from the social accounts list on the left.
Then, create a post and add a link to it, so see the link preview.


Editing Link Previews

To edit link previews for Facebook, you have to first verify the domain ownership. Learn more about how to verify the domain ownership here.

Note: It's recommended that you check if your link has the necessary meta tags, to ensure that it will be loaded properly on Publer and shared with the respective thumbnail on the social networks. Learn more about how you can do that here.

Updated on: 04/12/2023

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