With Publer, you can choose to use your personal VistaCreate (Crello) account or a VistaCreate (Crello) account that we will automatically create for you.

If you decide to use an account that we will create for you, you will have some of the benefits of a VistaCreate (Crello) Pro account only inside Publer, without the need to have a VistaCreate (Crello) Pro Subscription. With Argentum you can design illustrations and with Aurum you can design and edit videos and GIFs too.
If you want to use your personal account:

Simply toggle on I have an account on VistaCreate (Crello).
Make sure to have logged out of VistaCreate (Crello), if that is not the case. Follow this article for more help.

Click Continue to open VistaCreate (Crello).
At the top of the page, Sign up or Log in to your account.

Alternatively, if you wish to continue with an account that we will create:

Simply click on continue without toggling on I have an account on VistaCreate (Crello).

Keep in mind that you will only be able to use the pro features of this account within Publer.

Finally, you will redirected to VistaCreate (Crello).

You are now able to design on VistaCreate (Crello). Learn more about how to do that here.
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