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What is Publer's browser extension?

Publer's browser extension

The Publer browser extension will help you easily manage, schedule, and share your content across all major social networks without the hassle of switching tabs. Browser extensions are plugins that can be pinned to the top-right corner of the site. They help save time by replacing a whole website or tool with one single click. There’s no need to open a new tab and copy-paste texts or add or drag photos, videos, GIFs, or links.

The Publer browser extension is supported with these browsers:

Microsoft Edge

Here are the different ways you can use the Publer Browser Extension:

Hover the mouse over a visual medium and click on the ‘Share’ option right below it.

To share a webpage or link, simply right-click on it and choose the "Share link with Publer" option.

Select a quote or text, right-click on it and choose "Share selection with Publer" to share it.

Right-click on an image and choose "Share image with Publer" to share it.

Note: The extension does not download videos. It only works for photos and links.

You have the options to customize your experience with the browser extension:

Automatically show the “Share” button on images – This option will allow you to see ‘Share’ under each and every image, regardless of the site you’re on. By clicking the ‘Share’ button, you’ll get a pop-up window of your Publer’s profile.

Attach the current page when activating the extension – Each page you’re at right after clicking the extension icon will show a pop-up window with that page’s URL added as a link for a new post on Publer.

Both of these options may be disabled at any time by accessing the settings page of the extension.

Learn more about extensions here and how to enable third-party cookies or whitelist Publer here.

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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