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(Mobile App) How to use the AutoShare feature

To Auto share posts in the mobile app

Open the Publer app and design a post to your liking.
On the bottom left corner, click the plus + icon:

Auto Share Post

Click on the Auto share option:

Auto Share Post

Then, select the accounts you want the post to be Auto shared to.

Auto Share Post

Once you select the accounts, you can specify to Auto share the post after delay, (optional) and you can also specify a delay between the Auto shares (optional).

Auto Share Post

Lastly, click Save and continue to schedule or publish the post normally:

Schedule the post

When AutoSharing from one IG account to another IG, the post will be shown as a “reposted” photo.
It is not possible to AutoShare posts to social networks such as YouTube and TikTok since these social networks don’t support link posts.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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