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(Mobile App) How to tag products on Instagram

You can now tag products on Instagram photos, videos and multi-photo posts through Publer.

What is Instagram Product Tagging?

Instagram product tagging is a feature that allows users to buy products directly on Instagram without ever leaving the platform. Brands can tag the products in an image so when people click on the tag, they can find additional information about the product such as the price and product description.

Product tags are vital for branding, sales tracking, and customer navigation. They use labels to describe product details, enhance the shopping experience and boost marketing efforts.

To tag a product on an Instagram post from the Publer app:

Click the plus icon on Publer and select the desired Instagram account.
Upload or chose an image/video from the media library.
Once the image/video is there, click on the the upper-right side of the image on the little tag icon.

Instagram product tagging

Next click on the Tag people or products button:

Instagram product tagging

Select Tag products.

Instagram product tagging

On the photo/video, click anywhere to start tagging a product.

Instagram product tagging

You can always remove a tag by clicking on the x button on the right-side of the photo/video.

Instagram product tagging

Once you have added all your tags, you can click on Save and proceed with publishing the post.

Keep in mind:

Due to Instagram API limitations, you can only tag up to 20 products per post and up to 5 per carousel slide.
For product tagging, approved businesses must have an Instagram shop.
If a product is missing from the list, you have to sync the account's info.
Tagging products requires a qualified public account, active for 30 days and with no more than 2 policy violations.

Apart from products, you can also tag accounts on your Instagram posts. To learn about how you can do that, go here.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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