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(Mobile App) How to select a signature

Just like in Emails, signatures are simply text that will be automatically appended to the end of your posts. Signatures might consist of text, emojis, hashtags, slogans, emails, phone numbers, etc.

You can create up to 10 Signatures for each account you add to Publer.

To create a Signature for your social account, you need to open Publer from the web, and follow the steps here.

To select a signature in the mobile app:

Open the Publer app
Select the social accounts you wish to create the post for.
Click on the Signature icon at the bottom of the screen.

From the dropdown menus select the signature you want to use.

If you wish to see the content of the signature, you can click on the eye icon after you select it.

Click on Save after you are done with the signature selection

Keep in mind that you can’t choose the same type of social account (i.e two Facebook accounts) more than once, because the same posts shared at the same time on different accounts are considered spam.


You can create up to 10 Signatures per each social account.
Twitter doesn’t support Signatures because of its automation policies.

Learn more about the anti-spam efforts here.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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