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(Mobile App) How to see recycling predictions

Recycling Predictions:

Recycling posts have been an integral part of our publishing tool for some time now.
Following a pre-set account's posting schedule, you will see Predictions accordingly on the Calendar.

To view recycling predictions:

Click on the My posts menu.
Select the calendar view you wish to use: Monthly or Weekly

There you can view all the scheduled or published posts along with the recycling predictions.

Clicking on any of the dates and selecting View posts will enable you to access more information.

You can identify predictions among various types of posts by looking for the Recycle prediction tag attached to them.

Recycling Predictions help you have a better idea about when the Recycling posts will be posted.
Keep in mind, these are not scheduled posts, which means this is simply a "prediction" of when the post will be shared.
However, in cases when you have selected "Only recycle if there are no other posts for the day" but last minute decision to add a post to that day, then this recycling prediction will be postponed accordingly, for the next available time slot.

Once a post from the recycling queue has been scheduled, it behaves like any other scheduled post. You can reschedule it, edit its content, and make other changes, but it will keep the recycling icon - allowing you to identify where it originally came from.

Learn more about recycling posts here. Visit our article on how to automatically recycle posts here.

Updated on: 07/06/2024

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