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(Mobile App) How to schedule recurring posts

To create a recurring post with the mobile app:

Once you login on the application you need to press the plus button on the bottom middle of the screen:
Create a new post to your liking:

Recurring on mobile

Click on Next and then Recurring.

Recurring on mobile

Specify the recurring frequency of the post, i.e. every X many Days, Weeks, Moths, Years.
If you choose to repeat weekly, you can also specify on which specific day you want the post to recur.

Keep in mind, if you want a post to recur more often, it needs to have at least 10 other posts in between, or be recurring a week later. Learn more about the anti-spam efforts here.

Select the start and an end date of the range for the post to recur.
Select the time when you want the post to recur and then hit Schedule.

Recurring on mobile

To locate the post go to My Posts and scroll left till you are on Recurring tab:

Recurring on mobile

Lastly you can open the post, hit the three dots and you will have the options to change the Settings, Reuse, Edit and Delete:

Recurring on mobile

Keep in mind:

Once the recurring post expires, you will be able to restart it again. Simply go to Posts > Recurring and then set the post to start recurring again.
You can change the recurring frequency (and other settings) of the post at anytime, by going to Posts > Recurring > Settings.
You can set posts to recur every week or after an X amount of days, if there have been at least 10 iterations between the recurring post.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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