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(Mobile App) How to schedule Instagram stories via push notifications

Scheduling Instagram stories from the Publer mobile app is possible with the help of a semi-automated notification system, similar to that of TikTok scheduling.

To schedule Instagram stories on mobile:

Once you login on the application you need to press the plus button on the bottom middle of the screen:
Select an Instagram account on the top.
Press on the Story tab on the top:

Curate your post.
Press Next on the bottom and press Schedule from the list.

You can also add a caption to the Story, but it won't show up on the story automatically, it will only be copied on the clipboard.

Since the caption is automatically copied on the clipboard, you can simply paste that caption on Instagram once you are creating the story.

This concludes the first part of the scheduling Instagram stories.

For the second part, you will receive a notification from the Publer app once the story is ready to be published (on the time and date that it is scheduled for).

The Push notification system is a semi-automated solution that helps you schedule your stories through Publer. The scheduling cannot be done directly since the Instagram API does not support that yet. Moreover, you will also receive in-app notifications on your mobile app when the story is ready.

You have to make sure that you are logged in to the corresponding Instagram account that this story is scheduled for. Publer is not able to switch between Instagram accounts, so that will have to be done manually, prior to clicking on the push notification.

After making sure you are logged in to the corresponding Instagram account, you can click on the push notification you get from Publer, or the in-app notification.
That will lead you to the following screen, where you can see the Story Preview.
Click on "Open on Instagram" to be redirected to the Instagram account where you want this story to be shared.

The media that you decided to use for the post is saved on the Photos Library of your device. That way, Instagram can access the media instantly.
Now, you can also paste the caption that you created on Publer since it is automatically copied on the clipboard.
Make any final changes to the story and then share it.

Those are all the necessary steps that need to be taken in order to schedule an Instagram story using Publer. Click here to check out carousel posts for Instagram.

Tips & Info

You can always write a caption for your stories. That caption will simply be copied on the clipboard and you will be able to paste it once the story is ready to be published. It will not be automatically placed on top of the story.

When creating a story with many media files, so multiple photos or videos, you will only get 1 notification for all of them. Publer will make sure all the media files are stored in your device, so when you click on the notification from the Publer app, you can select all the stories in bulk and post them.
It is not possible to sync Instagram Stories into Publer, so you won't be able to see old story posts on Publer. However, all the stories that you share using Publer will be stored under Posts > Posted and you will always be able to access them.
You are not able to edit or delete published stories from within Publer. That is because the Instagram API does not allow editing or deleting any posts through a 3rd party app, after they have been published.

Due to API limitations from Instagram, it is not possible to collect insights/analytics for Stories.
You cannot add elements to your story such as links, stickers, emojis, etc.

Learn more about directly posting your Instagram stories and your Facebook Stories.

Updated on: 13/11/2023

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