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(Mobile App) How to reauthenticate/reauthorize social accounts

Publer requires security credentials in order for the social accounts to be connected.

When an application gets updated or the user changes the password of their social account, Publer will lose the access to that immediately. If this happens, the user will get a notification or email from Publer letting them know about this issue.

Everyone who’s an admin on Publer can reconnect social accounts. You will have the option to multi-authenticate social accounts that are connected to the same personal profile as well.

There are 2 ways you can be informed about an account that needs to be re-authenticated:

You can see an exclamation mark (!) on the social accounts which are on the left.
You will be notified via an email or notification, which will contain a link to the re-authentication page.

Also, you can just reauthorize a social account as soon as you change a password, so you can save yourself some time.

To reauthenticate a social account on mobile:

Once you login on the application you need to navigate to account menu from the upper left icon:

Find the account you want to reauthorize and tap on the three dots on the right of it:

Then, tap on Reauthorize.

You will be directed to login with the corresponding social account and finish the process.

If you re-authenticating but not succeeding and you are having constant re-authentication issues, follow this guide here. If you still face issues, contact us at the live chat on our website.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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