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(Mobile App) How to rank/filter your post insights

You can rank all of your posts based on reach, engagement, or publish date, to have a more organized view to your liking. Additionally, you can filter posts by metrics, post type, keywords, and labels to refine your search and find the content you need.

To rank your posts' insights:

Open the Publer mobile app and go to Analytics.
Select a specific social account.

You can also view your Post insights for all the accounts, by not selecting any accounts on the left-side.

Choose the Post Insights tab.

Click on the sort icon, to filter and sort the posts.

Sorting by post engagement

You can rank/sort by Date, Likes, Comments, Shares, Post clicks, Reach, Video Views, Link Clicks. in ascending or descending order.

For example: If you would like to get a better idea of which posts performed best, simply click on Reach to rank them based on that.

Filtering by post type

In addition to ranking posts, you can also filter them, enabling you to display only the posts you want for the specific timeline you've selected.

The default is All post types, however you can filter the posts by clicking on Video, Photo, GIF, Status Update, so it displays only the desired post type.

Take a look at all the other analytics on the page, such as best times to post..

Written by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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