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(Mobile App) How to invite new members to my Publer workspace

You can invite members directly from the mobile app, to make it easier to manage your social accounts from everywhere.

To invite a new member, follow these steps:

Click on the workspace icon, on the top-left corner.

Select the workspace where you wish to invite the member on the left side.
Select Members at the top and click on "+ Add New Member" at the bottom.

Insert the email of the member and configure the permissions and social accounts you wish them to have.
Owners can make 2FA required for all team members, while Admins can make it required for other Editors and Clients.
Click on Invite.

Invite Member

Learn how to activate the 2FA from mobile app here.

Make sure to specify their permission levels and access:

Internal approval (Editor, Admin, Owner).

Should be approved by Admin / Owner
Should not be approved by Admin / Owner
Full posting access.

External approval (Client).

Should approve posts
Should not approve posts

Learn more about all the different member roles and permission levels here.

Specify how you would like your members to post as:


Learn more about Owner's vs Member's API credentials.

You have now added a new team member! Make sure to ask your teammate to check their email and follow the steps on the email to accept the invitation. In case they have not received an invitation, simply resend them one.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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