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(Mobile App) How to import media from Unsplash

Unsplash is an online repository of free stock images taken from professional photographers around the world. You can search, filter, and select as many high-quality photos as you need from Publer's Unsplash integration.

You can import your Unsplash photos directly while you are curating a post or to the Media Library to save them for future use, as shown below.

To import a photo from Unsplash:

In the mobile app, click on the + button in the bottom-middle of the screen to create a post.
Select the social account you want to create a post for, i.e. Instagram > Story.
Tap on the + image placeholder and select Unsplash.

Importing From Unsplash

Use the search field to find your desired content, i.e. Cactus.
You can use the Orientation and Colour filters to narrow your search:

Orientation -- decide whether you want a Landscape, Portrait, or Square orientation.
Any color -- specify which is the color you're mostly looking for (perfect for a curated and branded social media feed).

Filtering Through Unsplash

Select all the photos you want to import.
Finally, click on Use Media and schedule your post accordingly!

To import Unsplash photos directly to the Media Library:

In the mobile app, go to the Media tab.
Click on Add Media and select Unsplash.

Importing From Unplash to the Media Library

Use the search field and filters to find your desired content.
Finally, select the photos and click on Use Media.

Importing From Unplash to the Media Library

Tip: Now that you have uploaded the photo you can favorite it, share it, delete it, or organize it with labels.

Learn more about how to upload media from Unsplash here.

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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