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(Mobile App) How to edit profile details

You can change your profile details on the mobile app if you click on the Account button at the bottom right-side of the screen. When you do this you will be redirected to Account Settings.

In Account Settings you can:

Edit your profile: Photo/Name of the Publer account.
Change the Time Settings.
Delete the Publer account.

How to edit your Profile:

When you register using your social media accounts, such as Facebook, the name and profile photo associated with your social media account will automatically synchronize and become the name and photo of your account on Publer.

To change your Profile Picture:

Go to Account.

Click on the pen icon next to the profile photo.

Editing the Profile Picture

Choose a picture from your device (Camera, Gallery or Files).
You can click on Cancel if you don't want to change it.

To change your Profile Name:

Go to Account.
Click on the pen icon next to the name.

Editing the Profile Name

Edit the name.
Click on Done.

How to edit Time Settings:

You can select your desired Timezone:

Editing the Time Settings

You can select your desired Time Format:

Editing the Time Settings

You can change the First day of the week:

Editing the Time Settings

Lastly you can choose at what Time your Day Starts (Start Day):

Editing the Time Settings

How to Delete Publer:

Go to Account Settings.
Select Account.
Click on Delete Account.

Keep in mind that deleting the account is not reversible.

Navigate here to learn more about deleting your Publer account.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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