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(Mobile App) How to AutoDelete posts

Managing numerous posts from various brands and influencers promoting 24-hour sales, events, or products can be tiresome when it comes to deleting them manually across multiple social accounts. This is why we have the Auto-Delete feature, which you can use on the mobile app as well.

To Auto-Delete a post in the mobile app:

Click on the Plus button at the bottom of the app to create a post.

Select an account.

You cannot Auto-Delete posts for Instagram Accounts or Facebook Groups due to API limitations on their end.

Click on the plus sign on the post options.

Tap on Auto-delete.

Select the Auto-Delete option.

Choose the amount of time for the deletion of your post.

Finally, click on Save.
You can also choose to Auto Hide it instead.

Keep in mind that hiding only works for Facebook Pages and YouTube.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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