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(Mobile App) How to approve or decline posts

Now your clients/admins can approve or decline the post immediately from the mobile app with easy steps.

To approve or decline a post:

We will take an example of one editor making a post and the owner of the workspace making a post for the same day. The accounts are set up so the client/admin have to approve all posts.

Once you login to Publer App you can go to notification and check if you have posts to approve:

Approve posts

Next you navigate to My posts tab and locate the posts to be approved. (Alternatively you can filter only posts that need approval):

Approve posts

Open the first, review it and chose to approve or decline it. (We accepted the first post on the example). Simply click Approve:

Approve posts

Navigate back and open the other post. (We decided to decline this post). You can alternatively leave a comment for the user to see it why was it declined:

Decline post

Lastly you can navigate back to the Calendar and you will see one post was Scheduled and the other was Declined:

Approve/Decline posts

Learn more on how to leave an internal note here.

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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