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(Mobile App) How to analyze competitor’s online presence

Compare the performance of your page with others and gain valuable insights to boost your online presence! With our advanced analytics, you can identify where you stand in the competitive digital landscape. Understand your page's strengths and areas for improvement to maximize engagement.

To analyze competitor’s online presence:

Go to Analytics.
Navigate to the Competitor Analysis tab.

Click on one of the competitor pages you've added.

To add competitors please follow the steps here.

Due to API limitations from Instagram, competitor analytics only works with professional accounts (Instagram Business and Creator Accounts).

You will view the Competitor's Performance, which includes: Post Count, Engagement, Reach, Videos Count, Photos Count, Links Count, Texts/Statuses Count, Followers and Followers Growth.

Further down the Competitor's Performance page, you will see their Top Posts which will allow you to compare the engagements of your content against those of your competitors. You can analyze which posts garnered the most attention and identify the strategies that were most effective for you, as well as areas that need enhancement.
You can choose one of the displayed posts or search for a specific one.

Click on one of the posts to reuse the best performing posts. Learn more here.
You can also monitor the posting times or best times to post of your competitors, which will give you an insight into their strategy and timing. Gaining insights into when your competitors are most active can help you strategize and optimize your own posting schedule for maximum engagement. Learn more here.

Learn more about how to add a competitor page here.

Written by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 10/05/2024

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