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(Mobile App) How to add follow-up comments to my posts

You can add follow-up comments to your posts in the mobile app, with hashtags, links, captions, emojis, or media which can appear with a delay, for all social accounts supported by Publer, apart from Google and Pinterest whose APIs don't support it.

To add a follow-up comment:

Click the + sign to create a post.
Choose the desired social accounts.
Click on the follow-up comment icon.

Add a follow-up comment

To add follow-up comments to all the selected accounts, you need to specify this for each account separately.

You can choose to Add a delay to specify the time when the comment should be posted.
Each comment can contain various elements such as text, links, hashtags and media.

Add a follow-up comment

To add more comments, simply click on Add follow-up comment again.
Lastly, click on Save and proceed with scheduling the post accordingly.

Keep in mind:

Follow-up comments are available for Twitter accounts on Publer, but will be posted as different tweets instead of comments, creating a Twitter thread.
Pinterest, TikTok, and Google My Business don’t support follow-up comments due to limitations of their APIs.

Updated on: 09/10/2023

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