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How to manually schedule posts

One of the easiest ways to schedule posts is to manually schedule them -- it is easy and fast.

To create a new post and manually schedule it:

Go to Create on top of the dashboard.
Select a social account on the left.
Design your post to your liking.
Choose Schedule from the dropdown menu.

You can choose to "Manually select the time" or use an available time slot.

Finally, hit Schedule.


If you are creating a post for more than 1 social account, then manual scheduling will be the same for each one.
You can always change time & date or make any kind of edits (add text, emojis, hashtags, etc.) for each one of your posts.
Even if you are creating customized posts for different social accounts, when you hit Schedule, the posts will all be scheduled at that specified time and date.
You can also customize a post's time for each social account, when selecting more than one.

Want to save time scheduling posts? Learn more about auto-scheduling here.

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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