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How to manage comments on trending posts through Publer

Engaging with your social media accounts is crucial to up-keeping an online presence. You can now directly engage with comments on trending Twitter posts through Publer.

Due to API limitations from Instagram, you can view, add, delete, or reply to comments only on trending Twitter/X posts, not on Instagram.

To engage with the comment section of trending posts from within Publer:

Go to the Explore tab on Publer.

Choose the Trending Posts tab.

Choose a Category and filter by Latest posts or Top posts by clicking on one of the options from the dropdown:

Click on the post of your choice to open it and press on View comments.

For Twitter posts, you can view, add, delete your own comments, or reply to others' comments.

To reply to other's comment, simply click on Replies and add your reply to the comment.
To view the comment directly on Twitter, press on View on Twitter / X .
To add your own comment to your post, scroll down and click on the composer to Comment as your Twitter Profile and then press Comment to share your reply on the social network.

You can also delete your own comment or add other comments anytime.

Keep in mind:

To add and view comments you must have a Twitter/X account connected to Publer. If you don't have one, follow these instructions to connect your account.
With read-only client access, you can only view comments and cannot add new ones.

Written by: Brikena Cani

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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