Sign in to your profile on Canva
Start designing a new illustration
Once you're done, click the three dots on the top right corner next to your profile picture.

Search for Publer and click on it
Click Connect

Make sure to Authorize Canva to access your account

Right after that, you will be given all the teams you’re currently part of.

Select the team you want to save the latest design

Choose the file type and click Save

Go to your Publer account and start using the team you saved the design to.
Go to Media Library and you’ll find the latest Canva design there.
You can filter all your designs by selecting Canva on the left of the dashboard

Remember: Canva designs can be used by everyone, regardless of the subscriptions they have. Free Plan users will have up to 20 free trials. In order to start using Canva on their Media Library, Free Plan users can start by clicking 'View in Publer', as soon as they finish and save their design to Publer. Check the image below.

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