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How to preview Linkedin posts

LinkedIn posts are very important when it comes to a great brand that wants to showcase their products, events and also job openings. So it is very recommended to use Previewing features to never make a mistake on new rows or an inappropriate emoji.


You can’t mention someone or some other page on your LinkedIn post through Publer.
You can preview both the Desktop and Mobile view.

Here’s what you can preview on your LinkedIn posts:

Captions- If you choose to only write some text or even attach emojis, you can preview the post immediately. If you don’t like it, then you just continue editing.

Links- Attach a link to your LinkedIn post and see how it will be shared online. You don’t like it? Then you can easily change it.

Photos/Albums- Are you worried whether the portrait/landscape photo is going to be shared differently? Then you can just use Publer’s Previewing tools to check that out before it goes online.

Videos- Preview how videos will be shared online. You can add texts, emojis and still preview the whole post.

Watermarks- Preview any type of watermark on your photos and videos LinkedIn. Make the desired modifications anytime, before scheduling it.

Signatures- Just like on emails, you can create up to 10 Signatures for each of your LinkedIn profiles/pages on Publer. Add your phone number; website and/or address, etc.

Shortcodes- No need to write your website, email, phone number or promo codes tons of times. Just create a short-code and than attach it to the text. Work smart and review your work anytime.

Here’s an example of a LinkedIn post preview that has text, emoji, shortcode (website), Signature (address) and 2 photos:

Updated on: 20/10/2022

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