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How to create a new Facebook album for my Facebook Group

All Facebook users know how important it is to have everything in the right place, especially when it comes to organizing photos in albums. For your Facebook Groups, when you are posting to them through your personal profile, you can

To create a new Facebook Album for your Group:

Go to Create on top of the dashboard and select the Facebook Group on the left.
Start creating a post and add a photo to it.
Then, click on Media Options.

Creating a new Facebook Album

Click on Timeline Photos to see all your existing albums.
Then, click on Create a new Album to specify the name of the album and click on Save.

If you want to schedule to an existing album, simply select it from the list and schedule the post, as shown here.

Creating a new Facebook Album

As you can see from the live preview on the right-hand side, this photo will be added to the newly created "Aesthetic" album.

Creating a new Facebook Album

Finally, schedule or publish the post to that Album.

Note: You cannot create new Facebook albums for your Facebook page, due to API limitations from Facebook.

Updated on: 18/10/2023

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