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How to add a location in the mobile app

It is always a good idea to let the audience know where your brand is located. This way, it can grow fast sales and get real-time feedback. Publer provides a Location feature for your posts. Adding the location to the social networks' posts on Publer is the same, but their previews appear differently.

To add a location to your posts from mobile:

Once you login on the application you need to press the plus button on the bottom middle of the screen:
Select a social account on the top.
Curate your post.
Click on the Location icon.

Start typing the desired location, select it, and click on Continue.

Keep in mind:

If you are creating the same post for Facebook and Twitter, and want to add Locations to both of them, you can choose the use a custom location options so that each social account would have its own location.
If you want to Auto-Share a Facebook post to Twitter (or vice-versa), the location won’t be sharing along.

Updated on: 18/10/2022

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