Regardless of the efforts you put into a perfect post for your social networks, there are many things you would rather want to do. Everyone wants to look at a clean caption, so here’s where Publer’s superpower comes: Follow-up comment.

This tool is used to write comments (i.e #hashtags or links to some services mentioned on the caption) to specific posts you are creating and these comments can appear based on your desired amount of time.


Follow-up comments are available for Twitter accounts on Publer, but will be posted as different tweets instead of comments.
Pinterest and Google My BusinessAPIs don’t support comments.
You can select the amount of time you want these comments to appear on your posts. The options are: Comment right away, after 2 minutes,....., after 2 weeks.
If you are creating the same post for multiple accounts and add a Follow-up comment, that will be saved to each account (unless the accounts don’t support them).

To add a Follow-up comment on your social accounts, please do the following:

Click Create and select the desired social account/s you want to create a post for.
Select the Follow-up comment icon and write the content into it.
Click Save.

You can write text, add emojis, hashtags, etc.
Decide the time after which you want the comment to appear.

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